Q. Where can I find safety data for ASLRRA member railroads?

Safety data for all ASLRRA member railroads is provided by the Federal Railroad Administration. To review safety data, please visit the FRA Office of Safety homepage.

Q. How is this data calculated?

Data is calculated according to the following formula:


One employee working for one year is equal to approximately 2000 employee hours for frequency rate calculations.

Therefore: If you had 5 people working on your railroad for 2002, you would have reported approximately 10,000 employee hours to the FRA.

If you had 10 people working for your railroad for 2002, you would have reported approximately 20,000 employee hours to the FRA.

50,000 employee hours = 25 people
100,000 employee hours = 50 people
200,000 employee hours = 100 people
250,000 employee hours = 125 people

Throughout the year, you report both employee hours and injuries.

Example: If you had 5 people working, you would have 2500 hours through March, 5000 hours through June, 7500 hours through October, and 10,000 hours at year end.

To estimate your year-end employee hours, multiply each employee by 2000.


The frequency rate for your railroad is the percentage of employees you have injured for the year. The formula for calculation is:

your reportable injuries  =  your FRA Frequency Rate
      your man-hours                       200,000


your reportable injuries x 200,000 = your FRA Frequency Rate
      your man hours                                     

(One employee works 2,000 hours in one year. 200,000 man hours equates to 100 people working one year.)

The FRA frequency rate is determined in the same method as the OSHA frequency rate. The calculation allows for operations of different sizes to be compared. The calculation allows for different types of businesses to be compared.

Example: If you had 1 injury in 2004, and had 50 employees working for the entire year, your FRA Frequency Rate could be calculated as:

(1)(200,000)  =  2.0

Or, approximately 2% of your employees were injured in 2004.