SOFA Reports

Together with other industry associations, government agencies and labor bodies, the ASLRRA is engaged in the Switching & Operations Fatality Analysis (SOFA) working group. The goal of SOFA is to identify and eradicate the causes of switching and operations fatalities.

To view the most recent SOFA (Switching Fatalities Report), select the edition below.

For older SOFA reports, dating back to 2005, please contact Dave Whorton ( at 202-585-3430.

FAMES Committee

One of the most active initiatives in the railroad industry has been analyzing the issues of roadway worker protection. The FAMES (Fatality Analysis of Maintenance-of-Way Employees and Signalmen) Committee, the industry-wide group that has focused on this important issue, is a voluntary committee of labor, management and government formed to review and analyze Roadway Worker Fatalities. FAMES will continue to meet regularly and issue periodic reports and recommendations concerning specific roadway worker safety issues. FAMES reports and recommendations will be widely distributed by participating entities to help raise safety awareness, promote a strong safety culture, and contribute to the broader effort to eliminate roadway worker fatalities through education and heightened awareness.

Recently, FAMES has made public their first two reports: "Introduction to the FAMES Committee," and "Fatal Accidents Involving Roadway Workers-in-Charge and Lone Workers." In addition to these crucial, labor-intensive reports, FAMES will report on their activities at future RSAC meetings.

To view FAMES reports, click the following links: