Recent government mandates concerning the rail industry have led to new regulations being implemented for short line and regional railroads. This section of the website will outline all the pertinent information necessary to understand and remain in compliance with the new regulations. At this time, the key regulatory areas are bridges, hours-of-service, narrowbanding and positive train control.


Deadlines, documents and training opportunities concerning the successful implementation of a bridge maintenance program. Also coming soon, a dedicated e-marketplace allowing you to bid on services-related to railroad bridges.

Grade Crossing Inventory

Details on the RSIA requirements regarding maintaining a grade crossing inventory and a hotline for reporting problems.

Hearing Conservation

Deadlines and documents concerning the implementation and maintenance of a hearing conservation program. Also, details on Transportation Occupational Medicine Consultant's (TOMC) hearing conservation program for short line and regional railroads.


Information about legislative updates on the new hours of service regulations, and how they will affect short line and regional railroads.

Locomotive Horn Testing

Information about the regulations monitoring the use and testing of all locomotive horns.


Regulations concerning the required transfer of frequency of freight radio service from 25KHz to 12.5KHz.

Positive Train Control

How the new rules concerning the use of positive train control on track in use for passenger service will effect freight railroads.