One of the new features at the ASLRRA, the Membership Referral Program recognizes our loyal members for the active role that they take in the continued growth of the association. The various applications for ASLRRA membership will contain a field specially designed to recognize these loyal members for their efforts. As an existing employee of a member company recommends membership to another company, they will be recognized here, in our "Hall of Fame," but that is not all!

Successfully referring a new member company will allow an existing member the following benefits:

  • Eligibility for a free registration to the 2016 Annual Convention April 3-6 in Washington, DC at the Gaylord National Harbor
  • $25 American Express gift card
  • Recognition in Short Line Inside Track 
  • Recognition in our "Hall of Fame"

For more details about the membership referral program, contact Kathy Keeney ( at 202-585-3439.

2015 Hall of Fame
Carl Belke, Western New York and Pennsylvania Railroad (2 referrals)
W. Stewart Bruce, Graham-White Mfg. Co. (1 referral)
Jacquie Duhame, Montana Rail Link, Inc. (1 referral)
Chip Frazier, HDR, Inc. (1 referral)
John Gohmann, Minnesota Commercial Railway (1 referral)
Jim Gowan, R.E.L.A.M., Inc. (1 referral)
Jason Hetterman, Fugiel Railroad Supply (1 referral)
Bob Hirte, Hamilton Construction Company (1 referral)
Todd Hunter, North Shore Railroad Co. (1 referral)
Jim Plasse, Pinsly Railroad Co. (1 referral)
Dennis Shulze, HDR, Inc. (1 referral)
Tom Soumas, Cinetcomm, LLC (1 referral)
Tom Walz, Walz Scale (1 referral)

2014 Hall of Fame
Carl Belke, Western New York and Pennsylvania Railroad (2 referrals)
Eric Callaway, Maryland & Delaware Railroad (1 referral)
Nick Chodorow, Belt Railway Company of Chicago (1 referral)
William Drunsic, Nashville & Eastern Railroad Corp. (1 referral)
Chip Frazier, Jr., HDR, Inc. (1 referral)
John Gravenkemper, Hatch & Kirk Inc. (1 referral)
Richard A. Green, Fort Worth & Western Railroad (1 referral)
Bob Helton, R.J. Corman Railroad Group (1 referral)
Rich Jarosinski, Koppers Industries, Inc. (1 referral)
John Jerome, Union Pacific Railroad (1 referral)
Rod Keefe, Florida East Coast Railway, LLC (1 referral)
Dennis McClure, Unipar LLC (1 referral)
Mark Moore, AngelTrax Bus Video (1 referral)
Kelly Morales, Reforestation Services, Inc. (1 referral)
Adam Nordstrom, Chambers, Conlon & Hartwell (1 referral)
Pat O'Brien, Belt Railway Company of Chicago (1 referral)
Doug Peters, Union Pacific Railroad (1 referral)
Linda Pollard, WINNER - Rio Grande Pacific Corporation (1 referral)
Henry Posner, Iowa Interstate Railroad, Ltd. (1 referral)
Lou Schillinger, United Shortline Insurance Services, Inc. (1 referral)
Mike Shank, Asplundh Railroad Division (1 referral)
Wayne Wiza, The Indiana Rail Road (1 referral)

2013 Hall of Fame
Jim Bowers, Bowers & Company, CPAs, PLLC (2 referrals)
Eric Callaway, The Maryland & Delaware Railroad Company (2 referrals)
Dave Barry, Lewis Bolt & Nut Company (1 referral)
Milt Brill, Genesee & Wyoming Inc. (1 referral)
Nelson Carlson, Harsco Rail (1 referral)
Paul Driscoll, Therm-Omega-Tech, Inc. (1 referral)
Ed Ellis, Iowa Pacific Holdings (1 referral)
Jerry Ellison, Greenbrier Rail Services (1 referral)
Tom Howie, RailSoft Systems, Inc. (1 referral)
D.D. Jones, WINNER - Herzog Railroad Services, Inc. (1 referral)
Robert Kappesser, American Turbocharger Technologies (1 referral)
Bruce Lieberman, Anacostia & Pacific Company, Inc. (1 referral)
Richard Livingston, Genesee & Wyoming Inc. (1 referral)
Mike McDonald, Sunbelt Rentals, Inc. (1 referral)
John Murray, Ohio Central Railroad Company (1 referral)
Rick Norris, Genesee & Wyoming Inc. (1 referral)
Judy Petry, Farmrail Corporation (1 referral)
Linda Pollard, Rio Grande Pacific Corporation (1 referral)
Daniel Torres, Union Pacific Railroad (1 referral)

2012 Hall of Fame
Steve Bolte, Progressive Railroading Magazine (1 referral)
Bernard Cartier, Providence & Worcester Railroad Co. (1 referral)
Mike Collins, Stella-Jones Corp. (1 referral)
John Fenton, Patriot Rail Corp. (1 referral)
Jalene Forbis, McCloud Railway Company (1 referral)
Dennis Hanke, Rail Construction Equipment Co. (1 referral)
Tom Leopold, Anacostia Rail Holdings (1 referral)
Ed McKechnie, WINNER - Watco Companies, Inc. (1 referral)
Mike Ogborn, OmniTRAX, Inc. (1 referral)
JR Sampson, Watco Companies, Inc. (1 referral)
Eric Schoenfeld,Auto Truck Group, LLC (1 referral)

2011 Hall of Fame
Kevin Brons, Omega Rail Management (1 referral)
Mike Flynn, - WINNER - Flynn & Wirkus P.C. (1 referral)
Richard Flynn, Northeast Logistics Systems, LLC (1 referral)
Paul Foster, PowerRail Distribution, Inc. (1 referral)
Chuck Mader, Kansas City Terminal RailwayCompany (1 referral)
Mike Ogborn, OmniTRAX, Inc. (1 referral)
Judy Petry, Farmrail Corporation (1 referral)
Peter Ray, The Indiana Rail Road Company (1 referral)
Ron Russ, Portland & Western Railroad (1 referrral)

2010 Hall of Fame
Bill Bourque, The Greenbrier Companies (2 referrals)
Chuck Benson, Relco Locomotives, Inc. (1 referral)
Zane Craig - WINNER - Buckingham Branch Railroad (1 referral)
Paul Foster, Power Rail Distribution, Inc. (1 referral)
Steven Friedland, Short Line Data Systems, Inc. (1 referral)
Bob Hirte, Hamilton Construction Company (1 referral)
John Kissel, Timken Company (1 referral)
Judy Petry, Farmrail Corporation (1 referral)
Ron Sparks, Arkansas & Missouri Railroad (1 referral)
Holly Thoelke, Finger Lakes Railway Corporation (1 referral)
Bud Wilds, BNSF Railway (1 referral)