The ASLRRA keeps its members, the Congress, federal agencies and the public informed through various means of communications. To access these various publications, select a link from the choices on the left side of the page.

Press Releases

The ASLRRA issues press releases that are appropriate to various purposes. Among these purposes are:

  • notification of upcoming ASLRRA deadlines
  • notification of current hot-button events which are of special interest to the short line and regional railroad industry
  • reaction to key political appointments and elections

Publications & Reports

ASLRRA produces a wide variety of publications designed to aid the small railroader in day-to-day operations from drug-testing to security, to provide an overview of the industry to interested parties or to provide statistical data about the industry. In addition, the ASLRRA Annual Report is made available through this selection to interested parties.

Safety Bulletin

This specialized newsletter, which is produced six times annually, concentrates of all aspects of railroad safety. Each edition includes new political and regulatory developments, achievements and tips for improving safety on your railroad, as well as association initiatives.

Short Line Inside Track

Introducing Short Line Inside Track, a new twice-monthly publication that will focus on the benefits ASLRRA offers our members. Special requests and important notices, introducing new members and upcoming industry events will be key features.

Views & News

This twice-monthly news letter will continue to focus on industry news, regulatory and legislative notes, updates on what the Staff has been doing on your behalf, and news from members.