As a service to ASLRRA members, listed below is information about the surplus asset disposal processes of each of the Class I railroads. Assets being disposed of vary from time to time, but generally include locomotives, cars, materials, equipment, vehicles, and tools.  All of these railroads require interested parties to be pre-registered to buy, and in most cases to also bid on, surplus assets.


  • Sells surplus assets through an online auction process.  Information about assets being disposed of, how to bid on them, etc. may be found on the BNSF auctions website at

BNSF has furnished a list of locomotives that they are putting up for sale. To access the list of automobiles that will be available, click here. For further information, contact


Contact information varies by surplus asset type.  Reference whom to contact at


For further information, contact


For further information, contact


  • Occasionally sells surplus assets through a bid-offer process.  No information is available on the KCSR website.

For further information about bidding on surplus locomotives and cars, contact For further information about bidding on surplus materials, contact


  • Now disposes their surplus assets to Progress Rail.  There is no common bidding for their surplus assets at this time.

For further information, contact


  • Union Pacific does not currently dispose of their surplus assets through the "UP Yard Sale" section of its website.  It has recently started disposing of its locomotives and certain other kinds of equipment through Blackmon Auctions.  Their website,, will feature any UP assets they are disposing of.  UP is not currently disposing of surplus freight cars and is instead cannibalizing them for spare parts.

For further information, contact