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Class I Asset Disposition

ASLRRA also collects information on the many different assets that Class I railroads make available to short line and regional railroads. Find all the surplus assets that you need - from locomotives and cars to tools. Learn how to obtain needed assets for your railroad!


Do you need a certain product or service on your railroad? Or do you have a service or equipment that you are looking to market? This is the place for you!!

ASLRRA's classified service allows you to host ads on the ASLRRA website on a monthly or yearly basis. E-mail versions of your ad also will be sent once to representatives of all ASLRRA members. Whether you are buying or selling, search our classified ads to see the many different necessities that are available.


ASLRRA's Associate and Sustaining Members provide many products and services to the railroad industry. Our E-Marketplace listings allow you to request bids on these products and services or scan for a certain company.

Emerging Markets

Learn more about the various, new sources of revenue that keep the short line and regional railroad industry on the cutting edge of the ever-changing world of logistics and transportation!

Hot Tracks 

Do you have a new product? A new service? A personnel change? New line opening up or a new customer on your line? Then this is the place for you!

Hot Tracks provides a place for ASLRRA's member companies to inform everyone about changes to their companies that will benefit the short line and regional railroad industry.

Member Services 

Learn more about the wide spectrum of services ASLRRA can provide you, as a valued member. From payroll services and training designed specifically for short line and regional railroads, to how we represent you on industry committees, to the various means of communication that we use to keep our finger on the pulse of the industry, members really do get it all.

Short Line Funding Alternatives

One of the key issues for short line and regional railroads is funding. These railroads form an integral part of the national freight transportation network, providing vital commercial shipping links for American industry, agriculture and commerce. This page will look at some of the options available that can keep trains rolling in crucial areas.

Tariff Information 

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