Q. What is the Legislative Policy Committee?

The Legislative Policy Committee (LPC) is a self-selected group of ASLRRA members who direct ASLRRA's legislative and political activities. The LPC meets at least quarterly to discuss legislative issues, goals and strategy. The LPC makes recommendations for action to the ASLRRA Board of Directors. In addition to giving their time and energy to ASLRRA's legislative agenda, LPC members contribute dues in addition to their regular ASLRRA dues to fund a large portion of the Association's Washington Lobbying effort.

Specific LPC activities include overseeing a national grassroots political fundraising operation, developing local media events to highlight short railroad successes, organizing the activities and message associated with Railroad Day on the Hill, developing policy positions for the Association's lobbying staff and manages the coordination of legislative and political activity with the Class I railroads and other rail industry organizations. The LPC devotes considerable effort to identifying the tools necessary to accomplish legislative goals. The Association's national data study is an example of the kind of recommendations the LPC makes to the Board.

The LPC brings focus and funding to an effort that requires both to be successful. Its members are active and aggressive individuals who enjoy and appreciate the political process. The structure is a valuable asset to the ASLRRA.

Q. Why are Funds Needed?

LPC funds are used to pay ASLRRA's lobbyists and to help fund a variety of activities that support our legislative activities. Those activities include national political fundraising, packaging the short line story for public officials, collecting and analyzing the data required to promote the short line industry and securing outside professional help to deal with highly technical issues. Dues range from a minimum of $1,000 per year to $10,000. While there is a recommended formula for the level of dues, amounts contributed are largely voluntary. Members give what they can and may change that amount from year to year based on their individual corporate circumstances.

Q. How Can I See What the LPC Does Before I Join?

The LPC welcomes any ASLRRA member to attend one of its meetings to see how the group operates. Three of the four annual meetings are generally held in conjunction with Railroad Day on the Hill, the ASLRRA annual meeting and the National Railroad Contractors annual meeting. You can attend this meeting for free, but we will encourage you to become a paying member. You can also contact current LPC Chairman, Jerry Vest of Genesee & Wyoming Railroad Services, Inc., who will be pleased to discuss any aspect of the LPC.

Q. How Do I Join?

The cost of LPC membership varies from company to company, based primarily on operating revenue. For more information on how to apply for LPC membership, click here. Contact Adam Nordstrom ( if you have any questions.

Impacting public policy is hard work, but it is important work. The policies of the federal government can and do have a tremendous impact on our individual businesses. We have found the LPC is the best and most efficient way for an organization as large and diverse as ours to effectively manage our approach to government affairs.