One of the areas in which the ASLRRA is most active is on the legislative front. From the constant efforts in keeping the tax credit a viable tool for short line and regional railroads to the active Legislative Policy Committee, ASLRRA is continually working at keeping America's small railroads ahead of the game in today's ever-changing political climate.

Action Alert

Periodically, an item of extreme political importance will crop up. These items require rapid action on the part of ASLRRA's member companies. The action alert section will keep you informed on the steps that need to be taken.

Legislative FAQs

Do you need to know who your Congressperson is? Would you like guidelines on what to say when you meet him of her? Need a glossary of political terms? Our legislative FAQs will answer all that you need to know about the workings of the United States Congress.

Legislative Policy Committee 

ASLRRA has a very active Legislative Policy Committee (LPC). Membership is open to any ASLRRA Railroad Member company. If you wish to make a difference in Washington, the LPC is for you.

Policy Papers

The ASLRRA is charged by its membership to represent the concerns of short line and regional railroads and ASLRRA associate members before Congress and the Administration. Policy papers state concisely ASLRRA's position on hot-button issues.

Short Line Funding Alternatives

One of the key issues for short line and regional railroads is funding. These railroads form an integral part of the national freight transportation network, providing vital commercial shipping links for American industry, agriculture and commerce. This page will look at some of the options available that can keep trains rolling in crucial areas.

Short Line Tax Credit Extension 

Extension of the short line tax credit is perhaps the centerpiece of ASLRRA's legislative work. All information on this key legislation is available here - from the text of the legislation, to co-sponsor status to examples of achievements that were made possible through past versions of the tax credit.